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Beware of "Toner Pirates"

Mar 12, 2010

Believe it or not. The underhanded practice of the "cold call" toner sales is still alive and well today. Do not purchase any toners from a company claiming to be your copier repair company's supply person. This is a scam. Your local company is the only person you should speak with concerning your machines and supplies.

Here is how it works.... You may receive a phone call from a so-called "survey team" looking to see what brands and models of copier(s) your company has in service and who is your service company. If the person answering your phone cooperates with the survey...they now know what copiers you have and the company name, and, in some cases, even the technician's name.
Time will pass and you may receive another call. This time the person on the other end claims to be the toner supplier for your local copier repair company. They mention your repair company's name and sometimes the technician's name. They are calling to let you know that if you act today; they are overstocked and will give you a deal on your toners. Not true. They will ask for your credit card info. via fax or email.
They will send you one toner for the price of a case.
They have become very good at their craft. You may have received a similar phone call to your business.
Also, a reputable company would not “block” their caller ID.
Never give out your machine or company info. to anyone claiming to need this info. Your local service company already has all the information they need!
Do not be tricked into their scams. Always call your local company if a phone call seems suspicious.

Here is another angle. You may receive a call from a company claiming they need to "update your company info on their files" or they are "calling on your local companies’ behalf" to update your company info. Regardless, your local repair company keeps records up to date through info provided on their technician's worksheets. Never give out your machine(s) info to any company other then your local service provider.

This article I've written is to "let you know" and please "Beware".

ECS does not "Cold call" any customers to try and force feed a toner sale onto anyone. We keep our customer base private. If someone calls you to sell you toner and claims to be your repair center, please hang up and call your local service company.



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